November 20, 2015

The Origin of the MatrixShield Series

– Smart cyber threat defense and privacy protection system. Handy and fully secured.

I am Sandra Yeh, founder and CEO of CloudCoffer. I enjoy my life and interests in how technology may bring convenience to our world.

For a very long time I have been reading and hearing about cyber criminals. There are stories about attackers who penetrated into people’s systems and stole sensitive information.

One day my colleague’s picture was posted online by someone unknown to her. She was very nervous and told us that it was a scene from her web camera at home. After a while, she began to worry about the safety of her child, who was about 2 years old. If criminals could watch through her web camera and know where they lived by looking up the IP address, her family would be in danger. In the afternoon of that day, she rushed home and sold all of her web cameras online. I remembered that day vividly and researched this kind of problem on the Internet. I found that her case was not a rare issue.



Attackers gain remote access to files, photos and webcams


The Internet of Things is also vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.


Attackers compromise CCTV as part of the botnet


A few days after this event I began to wonder what we could do to prevent this problem from happening. I tried searching for a solution from the Internet. All I found were very expensive and complex devices. What could we do to protect our privacy at affordable prices? What should we do to provide a safe environment, even if we don’t know anything about technology?

Ray, one of my good friends, ran an information security company, and they were information security consultants for governments and banks. I talked with the team about the issue, and they mentioned that it was possible to block malicious requests to prevent these kinds of issues. To alert users, they mentioned that detecting threats were important as well. After many times of discussing, we began to develop a device that integrated information security in gateway routers. This device can work transparently for people who don’t have knowledge in computer science. It can also be configured for computer or security experts. There are attack prevention, VPN, malware detection, traffic shaping, SSH, log, content filtering, QoS, load balancing, and many other functions. To improve efficiency, the team provides customized rules for all systems connected to it. They also apply machine-learning mechanisms to make the process more effective, and the devices can be updated easily.

All the components of hardware are purchased and assembled in the U.S. and Switzerland. All software can be checked openly. Further, we don’t collect logs, unless users specifically agree that we can collect attacking patterns to improve the defending rules.

With the network appliances, users will have all necessary functions as advanced gateways and information security built in. This device is designed to meet the needs for privacy, security, and functions in our daily life. I hope everyone can lead an enjoyable and comfortable life.

You may find appropriate devices or the cloud solution for both business and home. The solutions belong to MatrixShield series. At CloudCoffer, we believe that security should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.