Shield businesses from hacking with the most scalable & affordable network protection in minutes

MatrixShield Series

All in One


We predict most modern cyber attacks. The MatrixShield Series perform attack prevention, malware detection, privacy protection, content filtering, and many other useful functions.


We aim at providing information security solutions while sacrificing no convenience.


We offer solutions at affordable prices. The series are suitable for all types of organizations and end users.


It can be deployed within a few seconds. There is no complex configuration.

Fit Any Business Size

Our devices and cloud protect businesses of any size from external and internal hacking with the most scalable and affordable network protection in minutes.

Our Beliefs

Security should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
High Tech & Innovative Solutions

We are information security experts. We have continuously researched security at top organizations for years.
At CloudCoffer, we believe all people should easily enjoy a secure environment.
No matter for business or individual, we provide information security shortcuts.

  • We are a team of information security experts.

  • We insist on top level of protection and convenience.

  • All we do is open. There is no hidden threat.

  • We set up all security features whether you are knowledgeable about security or not.

About Us

Leadership Team

Ray Chiang


Sandra Yeh

Sandra is the CEO and founder of CloudCoffer LLC. She believes security can bring more innovation, and she is driven by the mission to improve people’s quality of life.

Patrick Tague

Experienced cybersecurity analyst with a proven track record of protecting sensitive data and networks from cyber threats for more than 30 years. Patrick is always leading CloudCoffer toward innovation, efficiency, and success.


General Manager
RJ has rich experiences in IT and cyber security. He is leading CloudCoffer team to keep developing the most reliable and advanced solutions.

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