November 7, 2016

MatrixShield in Detail

What is MatrixShield?

Security should be handy and affordable to all people. This goal leads to the birth of the Intelligent Forbidden Function (TIFF), which is an effective cyber protection system that consumes little computational resources. With TIFF inside, the MatrixShield series, including hardware and cloud solutions, aim at promoting our qualities of life. For individuals and small business, you may have it for gateways and protect everything going through them. For enterprises, you may protect intranets at a cost-effective way.

Without protecting information, our life quality is exposed to threaten of cybercrime and traditional crime. For example, if a bad guy penetrates into our webcam and knows we’re living well and have children, what may possibly happen? The MatrixShield series may operate as gateway routers. They are positioned to protect all devices connected to them. In other words, you can protect sensitive information in a very cost-effective way. We have designed the MatrixShield series to help all people have basic and advanced functions of network to fight against attackers. Even if you don’t know anything about information security, the MatrixShield series can work transparently. All you need to do is plug and play.

It’s may be a small device, but it can protect our life. Our incentive for providing the innovative solution is stated here.


What is the major function of the MatrixShield series?

In year 2015, more than 80 percent of U.S. companies have been successfully hacked, according to a Duke University.

The team of CloudCoffer has rich experiences and provides information security solutions for all different types of business, including governments, banks, nuclear power plants, airlines, etc. We deeply understand what cyber attackers do and how to fight against them. Information security solutions are typically very expensive. We believe that all should have the right to have adequate security controls. Therefore, MatrixShield, our patent-pending solution, is effective, affordable, and easy to use. The solutions are not only for enterprise but also all kinds of business and users.

Block Modern Attacks and Serve as a Professional Team
MatrixShield are designed to defend against complex cyber attacks. It blocks both known and unknown threats by the technique of machine learning and big data. It also updates with database all around the world and patches instantly. For example, MatrixShield blocks zero-day exploits, SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, denial of service, brute force attacks, etc.
Users no longer need to worry about information security issues and save the expense of hiring a professional team.

CC Real Patch
Out-of-dated applications or operating systems are vulnerable. If a system is designed by PHP 7.x before 7.0.1, remote attackers may execute arbitrary code and control the system. Another example is that operating systems like Windows XP are no longer supported by vendors. These kinds of operating systems have no patch for vulnerability, and if a critical vulnerability is disclosed, attackers may compromise all vulnerable systems. The most feasible way is to have MatrixShield block attacks for the systems, before the attack even reach the systems. We call it CC Real Patching, because it’s just like patching for the vulnerability of the affected systems.

Detect and Block Scanning Tools and Exploits
Many automatic tools are available for attackers to find vulnerabilities of systems. MatrixShield detects the malicious behavior and block these tools.

Hide Sensitive Information
Attackers may easily learn the vulnerability of systems, if the systems leak sensitive information. MatrixShield hides sensitive information for the protected systems and leaves no clue for cyber attackers.

Block Malicious IP Addresses
MatrixShield shares IP reputation all over the world. It updates and blocks malicious IP addresses automatically.

Protect All Kinds of Operating Systems, Applications, and Devices
MatrixShield protects servers, webcams, smart phones, and all kinds of systems. The patterns are from sources as follow.
1.       Zero-day vulnerability research.
2.       Honeypots like WASC Distributed Web Honeypot Project.
3.       Open data like National Vulnerability Database, Exploit-DB, and packetstormsecurity, etc.
4.       Machine learning deduction.

Secure Systems by Artificial Intelligence
At our information center, we have a whole artificial intelligence process to collect threats and generate defense patterns. Inside every MatrixShield, the artificial intelligence detects backend system and applies suitable rules to maximize performance and defense.

Prevent Attacks and Monitor Systems
MatrixShield blocks attacks, logs events, and monitors the health of the protected systems. Once anything goes wrong, MatrixShield sends alerts to system administrators.

In sum, the major function of the MatrixShield series is to prevent and detect cyber attacks. We have applied machine-learning mechanisms to train data and keep the defense up-to-date. Users may also request customized rules.

It’s a next-generation intrusion prevention system called The Intelligent Forbidden Function (TIFF), which is our patent-pending solution.


The system would store syslog data for forensics. There are statistical graphics for users to quickly understand current status. Users may detect, analyze, and prevent attacks easily, without delay.


  Summary Graph of Risk Degree and Sources of Attacks-1


  Summary Graph of Risk Degree and Sources of Attacks-2


What functions will we have?

There are security features and functions for all users. The system protects our assets and privacy, detects malware infection, and performs content filtering. We may customize rules for specific needs. We also provide useful functions like VPN and NAS. For more information, please check our wiki or the features part of specifications.

Role Usage Characteristic
Individuals/Home Users Protect IoT devices, smart home devices, and other equipment connected to the MatrixShield series. Sensitive information and privacy are secured. Cost-effective, plug and play, up-to-date, open.
Small/Medium Business Small and medium business can protect all devices connected through the MatrixShield series at a cost-effective way. The MatrixShield series can protect web applications like mail servers, VPN servers, web servers, webcams, etc. You no longer need to worry about fixing software vulnerability. Cost-effective, plug and play, up-to-date, open, customized solutions.
Enterprise Typically, enterprise has good layers of defense against cyber attacks. It is often a different story for the intranets. Attackers have many types of methods to penetrate into intranet and obtain sensitive information. Employees may also sit in intranets and obtain unauthorized sensitive information. The MatrixShield series are placed to prevent, detect, and analyze attacks. Cost-effective, plug and play, up-to-date, open, customized, powerful solutions.